How Colleges Award Financial Aid and How to Estimate Yours

How Colleges Award Financial Aid and How to Estimate Yours

When people get fed up with the raw deal they get on their credit cards and banking accounts, they consider loaning institutions. Where do they go then when they have problems getting a financial loan for higher education though? They consider other creditors who happen to welcome them with open hands, of course.

Credit score labor unions and the personal creditors who these days are giving learners more methods for higher education government funding, do it for grounds – their attention levels are higher.

What is financial aid award?

There are now about 25 personal higher education government funding businesses out there around the nation (a sharp rise from what it used to be even a year ago). There is grounds why they are showing all this curiosity about college student well being all of an unexpected of course.

How Colleges Award Financial Aid and How to Estimate Yours

They used to attract significant earnings from underwriting the college student education financial loans that the federal govt can create to learners. The gov no longer uses these personal creditors to underwrite their financial loans however, and they are harming from this loss of business. At $25,000 in loaning per college student, college student education financial aid award amounts loans are quite a resource of profit to these personal financial institutions and other grants firms.

How Colleges Award Financial Aid and How to Estimate Yours
How Colleges Award Financial Aid and How to Estimate Yours

The loaning institutions haven’t been losing profits in the financial downturn like the financial institutions have, of course; still, they are looking at the higher education govt funding space for some extra revenue. Even more important though, loaning institutions want to be there for these learners when are just starting out in daily lifestyle.

What is a college award?

They hope to using them as faithful and long term customers for their real estate fund, their loans and what-have-you in the future. There are more than 50 loaning institutions sailing around the nation today hoping for a bit of your custom in the higher education government funding division. If you plan on going down this non-traditional path, looking to a personal financial mortgage lender to fund your amount of your time in higher education here’s what you need to know.

What is the average financial aid award?

The first rule of course is to not think of personal creditors unless you have tried without success with govt aid first. Scholarships and grants, grants and financial aid college student education financial loans are all much better ideas than personal loaning. Just ensure the application of with a FAFSA type.

When do you get your financial aid package?

You can also ask your higher education about work-study jobs that the federal govt sets up for. If you do go to a personal financial mortgage lender, you need to understand that the eye rate you see on the contract is not closed in. It changes an every week and it can go anywhere between 3% and 11%.

How long does it take to get your financial aid award letter

And of course, they expect you to begin paying back your personal higher education govt funding the very month you receive it. This is completely the opposite of the way it is with a govt financial loan. There, they don’t require you to begin paying until you actually graduate student. There isn’t enough govt control in the area of personal higher education govt funding yet, but things should improve over the next five years.

What is the financial aid award?

Financial aid is everywhere, you just have to know who to ask and how to implement. Single parents often are eligible for more govt funding and different types, based on their current earnings and dependants. Any mom with a dream to go to higher education now has the ability to. Just comprise your brain as higher education is right around the corner waiting on you!

What do you want to be now that you are a expanded up?

Now that you have kids and are formally a evolved, what do you want to do with your lifestyle. Choose a profession that you can function in for a lifetime. Consider how much cash you could create and how a substantial time you’d have for your kids.

Where do you want to go to school?

With your profession choice in thoughts, pick a school that offers sessions you need. Keep the charges of the school in thoughts The less expensive the higher education the further govt funding will go. Online higher education may even be an option for you!

What information can you get from the federal govt funding office?

The govt funding workplace at your chosen school is the way to go. They will have the forms you need to fill out for presidency support and they will know of local support you can implement for. Ask them if they compensate for day care services or if they offer a jobs research program.

What can you pay for with your financial aid?

In most cases, financial aid award letter sample includes the charges of your sessions and books first. Any cash that’s left over will be sent to you in a check or refund type. Use the remaining cash how you see fit. Spend it on real estate expenses, daycare, food, clothing, or a computer. Remember that your aid may be taxed earnings.

As a mom, you know going to school is a lifestyle enhancing decision. Decide what you want to be, connect with higher education, and implement for presidency funding. This could be the first steps in a new lifestyle for you and your children!

Source: How Colleges Award Financial Aid and How to Estimate Yours

Organizations That Help Pay Bills

Organizations That Help Pay Bills

Individual parents and mothers in the US can offer themselves members. And children with a better future by obtaining a greater paid job. Well, this is possible only with the right kind of degree in hand earning at universities.

What organizations help poverty?

However, the road to success through knowledge is quite tough as the expenses associated with the greater research. At universities are quite great, forcing many single parents in the US to drop their greater research in halfway.

Organizations That Help Pay Bills and rent

High expenses apart, the additional downturn of debt pressure are there too. Making university knowledge an out of reach substance for single parents and mothers. Yet, there is a hope as the Current has renewed grant applications for ladies, especially for single parents or mothers. This initiative has been taken towards strengthening as well as single parents in the US so as to discover them a better chance. And then create their lives better, leaving past the adversities behind.

Organizations That Help Pay Bills
Organizations That Help Pay Bills

The Obama Individual Mom get help paying utility bills is one of the best ways to help with higher education expenses to avoid economical downturn. Individual parents or mothers from low-income or no-income households can get up to $5,000 as an educational benefit through The Govt Pell Grant system, also knowing as the Individual Mom Grant.

What is a hardship grant?

The US Department of Education monitors the entire system and pays out the economical aid for greater research for mothers through state-run companies. Participating universities, action community organizations, charitable companies and non-profit companies. Be aware that female members can easily get an economical aid through Obama approved government grant compared to male members.

How can I get help with my car payment?

Considering Pell Grant, it is a need-based program of organizations that help pay bills. Hence, it always is aimed at favoring the needs of single parents. The federal government Pell Grant provides you a great chance to escape the greater repayment rates of financial loans. Besides, it does not pay back like financial loans. Earlier known as Basic Education Opportunity Grants (BEOGs), Pell Grant provides around $5,500 to the eligible single parents for expenses fees. As well as study materials and housing expenses.

How to Implement for the Govt Pell Grant

Remember, you are not entitled to receiving the Pell churches. That help pay bills for more than one higher education you want to pursue your greater research. In order to take advantage of the economical aid. It is essential to finish the Free Program for Govt College student Aid, or (FAFSA).

Emergency help with utility bills

A proper application is not finish without the filing of FAFSA. Once the FAFSA has registered, your economical needs are analyzing in accordance with the information provided on the FAFSA. After the FAFSA gets processed, you are likely to get a College student Aid Report. Containing your qualifications for the Govt Pell need help paying bills asap.

Salvation army help with utility bills

The availability of support for single parents provides females with the cash they need to pay the expenses and increase themselves members. Throughout various grant applications, there is billions of dollars in funding available to individuals who need federal economical aid. These salvation army help with utility billsare available to people of all earnings levels, credit scoring. And background scenes, but you must connect with discover out how much you are eligible to get.

Are there grants to help pay bills?

With support for single parents, females can reduce the pressure of bringing in cash. And having to increase close relatives members. School and food expenses alone can create it difficult to create free money to pay my bills payments. But with support for single parents need help paying bills now. Those concerns don’t have to be a concern any longer.

How can I get help with my car payment?

Most notably are the government grant applications that offer financial loans that are not actually financial loans. That’s because when you are eligible to get these help to pay bills from government. You will never have to pay it back. Through various gov departments, there are grants to help bills.

Source: Organizations that help pay bills

Grants Programs To Help Single Mothers

Grants programs to help single mothers

Grants for single parents are a great way to get additional capital with which you can use to transform your life. There are many single mothers grants out there. That you can create an application for grants for business, grants for higher knowledge, grants for women, grants for housing, etc. It’s essential take a practical position in regards to looking for a grant to pay bills. Otherwise you will not connect this way to obtain a free grants for single mothers.

There are many resources of grant funding you can take advantage of. Some grants, like individual mom grants, can really help you get the cash you need to enhance your scenario. These grants offered both by the govt and by non-government resources. It’s essential get familiar yourself with as many different grants as possible. There more grants you are aware of, the more grants you can create an application for.

Grants Programs To Help Single Mothers

The govt is the biggest way to obtain individual mom grants. Each season, the govt gives out enormous amounts in personal grants for single mothers funding. You, as a individual mom, can connect some of those funds. There are also many higher knowledge grants for individual parents given out each season as well. Universities are a big way to get free cash grant for single parents for individual parents. It`s just a matter of applying for this college grants for single moms to get it.

Grants Programs To Help Single Mothers
Grants Programs To Help Single Mothers

Many non-profit companies will also give out funding to those who need it. This personal funding can be things like scholarships. And grants and free stuff single moms.

Getting personal grants for individual parents can become a profitable way to help pay for university or get out of a difficult emergency grants for single moms to buy a car assistance for single mothers predicament.

Thankfully, more and more higher teaching programs have designed towards working adults, meaning. That you can take classes at non-traditional times, or even full higher teaching programs that are on the internet. So that you can discover an option that housing grants for single mothers you to get that knowledge, while still keeping up with all your obligations.

What is a hardship grant?

For a individual mom, going back to university and getting a degree is one of the only ways hardship grant one can guarantee. That they can get a job that will pay a salary that will provide their families with what they need.

And when it comes to paying for this university knowledge. There are tons of free grants higher knowledge hardship grants. For single mothers available to help with college tuition, books, and other expenses.

Fact: When it comes to grants, and especially federal govt grants for mothers coming back to university. There has been a large, recent increase of charges to help aid in this procedure. And create the ability to a individual mom to go to higher knowledge entirely possible.

In reality, a lot of federal govt grants designed with individual parents, specifically, in thoughts. That means that when you are looking for federal govt grants. For mothers coming back to university, your options are bright indeed.

How do I apply for a personal grant?

Any student whether adult or of “traditional” higher knowledge age. If they are looking to obtain educational funding, must, in the US, fill out a form called the FAFSA, which is on the internet.

Once you have supplied all of your economical details. You can figure out the cash in federal govt grants. For individual parents coming back to university you are eligible for. There are a lot of different free free grants for single mothers to pay bills for individual parents available.

So don’t be surprised if you are eligible for a number of different federal govt grants for mothers coming back to university. And with the nice improves in cash for these programs. Many individual parents are discovering that their entire university knowledge can be paid for through grants!

There are quite a few grants for individual parents to go to higher knowledge out there. But discovering them can be a bit of a problem sometimes. If you are a individual mom and looking for additional cash to pay for university. You need to be very careful when you look around on the internet. The reason is that while there are genuine financial aid opportunities out there.That can help you pay for your university knowledge. There are also a lot of frauds out there too.

How much money do you get for a child on welfare?

When you are looking for grants, what is significant to keep in thoughts. That you should NEVER have to pay cash for a financial money. Grants programs should be free grant. Any company that demands cash for financial aid is likely a gimmick.

Now, there are certain genuine businesses that will help you see a grant. These companies are experts in related grants to specific individual needs. And they can help improve the procedure and offer more details that may create it simpler to get a grant. However, these companies certainly cannot promise. That you can actually get a grant.

Do single mothers go to college for free?

Free cash funding is generally pretty limited and with the economy in problems. More and more people are trying to get any other funding they can round up. So when you obtain grant, don’t expect that you are going to get the funding. You will likely have to throw out many programs before you see a return.

Source: Grants programs to help single mothers to go to college and attend classes for their future life.

Grants For Special Education Teachers

Grants For Special Education Teachers

Families is effort when you are able all the convenience in daily lifestyle. But when you have a low-paying, unrewarding job it is even harder. Take this simple test below, and if you answer yes to these questions. Then you must determine out about possible university grants for individual parents.

Your income has already spent before you even get it.

You never have any cash to go out to eat or the movies, let alone take any vacations.

If one thing breaks, either in the house or car, you have no idea how you would pay for it.

Grants For Special Education Teachers

If you answered yes to even one of these. Then you have to get a way to create more grant. And the best way to do that is to get a better education and studying and trained for a better-paying career.

Grants for special education teachers
Grants for special education teachers

Maybe you do not think you are able or don’t have enough.  Well you had better create sufficient time. Because if you don’t, then you lifestyle will never get any better than what it is today and may actually get worse. As for affording university, there are quite a few grants for special education majors available to learners especially moms.

Some of these grants vary on need, while others vary on benefit. Still yet, there is grant available for certain areas of study such as instructors or those entering the health-care area. Not only that, but special interest groups and non-profits also give out cash for those wanting to attend university.

Grants for special education teachers in California

You do not want to look back 10 years from now. And wish you had done something to create your daily lifestyle and the lifetime for yourself better. So go ahead and figure out about possible university grants for parents.

It is a commonly known reality that there are a wide range of college. And studying grants for special education classrooms available to United states kids, and adults, who wish to engage in an innovative education and studying.

There are not many people are unaware of this reality being. That we prepare our kids, and ourselves, for the college and studying encounter, expense, nearly all of our lives. First planning ourselves, then planning our kids. It would take an awful lot to overlook the provision of the FAFAS (Free Application for Federal Assistance) program. When visiting the special education grant ideas guidance office of any university or college and studying.

However, what is often neglected is the reality that there are college. And studying grants available to individuals other than the actual student. The grants for special education does create immeasurable money available in educational allow applications each year. And a majority of it is indeed distributed among-st learners going to United states colleges. And universities to aid in their college tuition costs. But they are not the only lucky ones to benefit from these applications.

Grants for special education technology

A large amount of govt funds are also offered to folks who have already paid excessive levels of grant to advance their kid’s tuition. And college and studying costs. Some qualifying mother and father of college and studying aged kids registered full time in state, city, or private institutional. Studying features get a college and studying grant in the form of a refund check. This helps the mother and father recover a portion of the funds they have invested in their kids.

There are also nice levels of funding made available in college. And studying grants for the instructors and the features as a whole. Many colleges and universities obtain a large amount of grant to build new inclusions in features. Purchase innovative technological equipment, ipad grants for special education teachers area trips and research applications, extra curricular activities and much more.

Many dedicated instructors regularly apply for and get college. And studying allow to advance additional components to enhance the chance to learn for their learners, or provide their less fortunate class members with essential components that they may not otherwise be able to pay for.

You may be able to obtain grants for special education technology profit college. And studying allows, even if you’re no more able to commitment a fraternity.

Source: Grants for special education teachers, Scholarships and grants are available for those pursing a teaching degree

Credit Free Report Yearly

Credit Free Report Yearly

FICO scores and history of credit ranking are two of the tools used by lenders to determine. How much of a credit ranking risk they would be taking should they approve your program for the loan.

Credit Free Report Yearly

Credit Free Report Yearly
Credit Free Report Yearly

Your history of credit ranking contained in your credit ranking rating is used to determine your FICO ranking. Because these are such main reasons of your economical health. It’s wise to examine it from time to time for errors, scams or identification scams. You can acquire a duplicate of your free credit report gov and FICO. Absolutely totally free once per year. Federal Government Jobs.

Federal Perkins Loans

Only a portion of Americans take advantage of totally free history of credit ranking for federal perkins loans. Thus, many of them are stunned and their economical popularity seriously damaged. When they find out unintentionally that someone has been abusing their good name through scams or identification scams. They may even begin receiving bills for items they didn’t buy. All this can be prevented through careful monitoring of your credit ranking report!

Student Loan Calculator

The easiest way to acquire a duplicate of your debt loan relief student is on the internet. The three major credit ranking rating agencies make it simple to keep an eye on your credit ranking. Experian, Equifax and TransUnion all have on the internet forms you can fill out and submit to get copies of your credit ranking for student loan. You may also request your review by phone. Student Loan Calculator here.

Grants for Single Mothers to Pay Bills

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free credit report
fico score range
fico careers equifax fico
sap nyse-fico

However, consumers must be careful that by inquiring their history of credit score gov ranking they don’t unintentionally sign themselves up for a support charging a monthly fee. This can be stealthily simple to do, so be sure to examine the web address that you’re using. And read any and all terms and conditions before submitting the Grants for Single Mothers to Pay Bills program for your totally free annually review. Federal Perkins Loans.

By checking your free credit report gov rating annually or more often, you can protect your economical popularity.

How Do I Check My FICO Score and Credit Report?

Now that you are aware of how your FICO ranking impacts your finances. You may be wondering “How do I get my on the internet FICO score?” Easy, To learn more about obtaining a on the internet free credit report gov file. Visit, an excellent resource on history of credit ranking and your credit ranking rating. There are dozens of websites that provide 100 % totally free history of credit ranking.

Credit Free Report Yearly

There are so many, in fact, that it can be a little bit overwhelming when trying to decide which company to choose. Some things to look for when choosing a credit ranking gov support are: ease of use, customer support and assistance, detail of reviews, accuracy of reviews, and whether they provide to assist in improving your credit ranking rating rating. Credit Free Report Yearly.

How to Get a Sports Scholarship

How to get a Sports Scholarship to the USA

Play your game to a very advanced level. While at the same time making a School level in the U. S. Declares. Here’s how! Outlines the essential scholarship expert information. And benefits of sports grants for undergrad student-athletes coming to research in the US.

How to Get a Sports Scholarship to The USA

How to Get a Sports Scholarship to The USA
How to Get a Sports Scholarship to Students

Below are 5 simple grants to get without entry examinations or the participation of any papers that reveals your educational standing:

Scholarships for potato-lovers: Spud Market Grant. The Spud Market (yes, there is such a thing), wants you to show your really like for cooked apples. Deep-fried apples, chopped apples, or generally, just apples. If you enclosed in apples and if you are considering taking up a course. That offers with increasing and increasing apples. Then you have qualified for a $2, 000 prize under the spud market grant.

Scholarships for linguists: The Klingon Terminology Institution Grant. Whether you have fascinated to understand France. Spanish language, Gobbledygook, and even Klingon, the Klingon Terminology Institution is for you. This scholarship encourages all learners who really like to understand ‘languages’. Fortunate individuals get $500 dollars each year as financial assistance.

Scholarships for High people

Scholarships for high people: Tall Groups Worldwide Grant. The tall groups worldwide grant program wants to know. What being high means to you.” Got any ideas? Create them down in an article structure. And you might just win $1, 000.

Scholarships for modern-day oracles: Quality in Forecasting the Upcoming Award. What’s the successful mixture in the lottery? What is going to occur 3 days from now? How about the economy what do you think is going to occur to it a few months from now?

The Quality in Forecasting the Upcoming Award motivates kids. To take up financial aspects in higher education. By basically scholarship expert informing them your forecast for the team, you might be the lucky receiver of this prize. Singapore Industry Scholarship.

Scholarships for Ambitious Astronauts: SPAACSE. The SPAACSE wants you to discuss area travel– without making the Earth! Simply write an article about area journey and you could win the $1, 000 money scholarship prize.

Grant for single mothers to apply for college

You might wonder why these grants are very simple to apply for. The response is quite simple: since they serve a particular area and number of learners, the vendors are trying to help increase attention and encourage more individuals to become part of these exclusive sectors. One way to do so is by displaying the team that assistance is powerful in these areas. FAFSA Review and Overview. Free printable money worksheets below here.

How to Get a Sports Scholarship to The USA

Furthermore, these may be simple grants to get but you will be competitive with several other learners who want to acquire of their nice cash prizes. You will not be competitive with a large number of learners but then again. Finally, you will have to make an impression on the vendors if you want to protected your possibilities of successful these prizes.

Hence, even more important, possibilities like these don’t come along often, so don’t spend your time and do your best to scholarship expert provide your best articles if you wish to become a receiver.

Hence, how to get a sports scholarship in america united states sports football basketball baseball soccer scholarships usa * How to get a Sports Scholarship to the USA.

Which Sport is Easiest to Get a Scholarship?

As we said earlier, lacrosse, ice hockey, and baseball are the easiest men’s sports to promote. A good way to measure this is to look at the percentage of high school athletes who play in college and receive some type of sport athletic scholarship.

Grant Opportunities Funds for LEGO Education

Grant Opportunities Funds for LEGO Education

Children really like Legos. From teenagers to more compact kids, these toys and games have a lot of lovers. Even grownups enjoy playing with Legos. Or more properly, they like to create with Legos. What is really wonderful about the fact that youngsters really like this toy, is that it’s a toy which is good for their systems and thoughts.

Grant Opportunities Funds for LEGO Education Solutions

Grant Opportunities Funds for LEGO Education Solutions
Grant Opportunities Funds for LEGO Education Solutions

Legos unique mesh system is a fantastic way to deal with to understand about development and design. It also is a fantastic responsive toy which allows children to create muscle tissue in the fingertips and hands. They come in different shapes and dimensions for all age groups of regardless of how, starting at age 1.

Free money for single mothers from the government

Legos come in large as well as in encased places. Bulk places, at frequent shops, are, usually, marketed in pails and can contain as few as 40 various items to as many as 1500+. You can buy these pails at local toy shops or on the Internet, for affordable prices a good spot to buy is eBay, where they can be bought in ‘lots’ of 500-1500 items. Boxed places are very well-known and contain all the the equipment to make the specific product. For example, a practice set will have the motor, Legos and other items to which are protected on the box. There are many designs available for buy (also on eBay).

HOW TO WIN COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS from the Scholarship Expert

legos images
legos images

When it comes to encased places, there are many well-known types. Just now the well-known encased places are Bionicle, Space Cops, Alien, Power Miners, Town and Competitors. You can visit for more information on these different designs. There are also many other lovely designs like Sponge or cloth Bob and Adventure. Each of the designs has various encased places that include structures, people, creatures etc which all fit into the concept. Fafsa Pin Grant Money Information Essentials.

Not only do Legos activate creativeness and horizontal thinking, they also help develop skill and creating mathematical and design abilities. By mesh related designs and shades children understand the use of styles which produces key mathematical abilities. With the shades, and how they mesh, children understand essential troubleshooting abilities.

On their web page,, you can find some academic components that will help mother and father and teachers as well. There are many other useful content on their site which help create learning abilities with their product. The web page contains complete academic video clips, content and even training for working with Legos. Grant Opportunities Funds for LEGO Education Solutions

Parents never have to choose between academic toys and games and fun toys and games when a selection of Legos is on hand. These toys and games are fun and help develop essential abilities throughout a child’s life.

lego school grants
grants for school robotics blog
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* Grant Opportunities Funds for LEGO Education Solutions

Housing Grants for Single Mothers

Housing Grants for Single Mothers

There are various home grants available for single parents such as property and low-income housing grants and real estate grants. It is never simple maintaining children members home at the best of times, but when you are only one mom, this process becomes a lot difficult. With the govt understanding this problem, there are a range of federal assistance government grants for single mothers programs intended to assist individual parents, in the form of real estate aid. Housing Grants for Single Mothers information.

Housing Grants for Single Mothers
Housing Grants for Single Mothers

Here are two instances of real estate free financial assistance for single mothers parents that are worth exploring further. The Community Housing Organization (PHA) Housing Choice Voucher

This is a Housing Grants For Single Mothers In Florida  plan set up through the national Housing and City Development (HUD) division, and is designed to aid low earnings close relatives members. This is done by helping to look for a home that meets your particular specifications, and then a amount of your lease is then paid direct to your property owner, reducing the monthly pressure of your lease. This coupon can also be used towards the buy of your home as well, Low income housing grants provided that the home is considered to be genuine and suited to your needs. Federal Student Financial Aid.

There are specified specifications that need to be met to be eligible for a these coupons, and contain these terms:

* You must be a U.S. Resident or an eligible immigrant

* Your close relatives members earnings must be below the Average earnings of your place (or place you wish to move to). These numbers can be obtained from HUD.

* You must Home Loans For Single Mothers access to your financial institutions, companies and organizations, for adequate evaluation.

* Also, the HUD for your place must have met it’s legal objectives, the primary one being that 75% of it’s funds are to go to close relatives members with earnings of 30% of the region’s median earnings.

To obtain your qualifications and government grants for single mothers apply, you should get in touch with your regional PHA (Public Housing Agency)

American Dream Down Payment Assistance and The American Dream Down payment Effort (ADDI)

Free Personal Grants for Single Mothers to Pay Bills

When looking for state housing assistance Florida single mothers, this system is often thought-about, although not designed generally for individual parents, but for low earnings close relatives members, so often individual parents can fulfill the specifications. The ADDI allow is accessible only to new home buyers, and can provide the following help for Grant Money For School:

* Up to $10,000, or 6% of the sticker price of the home (whichever is larger)

* Economical aid for ending costs

* Economical assistance for recovery (eg proper removal of health risks)

Like the previous President Obama’s Debt Relief Grant, you must fulfill certain factors to are eligible, and these include:

* Be a new home buyer

* Be looking to buy children members home (as compared to a one bedroom flat, for instance)

* Have an earnings of below 80% of the place median salary (details can be obtained from your HUD)

There is more financial aid for individual parents available, but these two are a start, and an recommendation as to who can are eligible. Speak to your regional HUD for more information, or visit our website. Programs that help pay rent for single mothers Tampa. visit to

Personal grants single mothers
Housing grants for first time home buyers
Federal grants hud single mothers
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Free housing grants for single mothers in college

* Housing Grants for Single Mothers For Home Purchase.