Utility Bill Assistance Guide for Single Mothers

Utility Bill Assistance Guide for Single Mothers Help Paying Bills

Generally, if you’re unable to pay your bills like water bills, electrical bills, and heating bills, remember that it’s very easy to get government grants to help pay these bills.

These grant programs are a part of numerous Low-income assistance provide by the federal government. There are also various private assistance programs like non-profit charities and utility companies that offer single mothers utility assistance.

Read this article to know that how can you save your home energy bills and get the best assistance programs from utility companies. Weatherization assistance is a federal program supported by many utility companies that offer energy and utility up-gradation assistance to low-income people and families, single moms and single parents, aged persons, and disabled people.

Utility Bill Assistance
Utility Bill Assistance

Types Of Utility Bills Assistance For Single Mothers

There are various utility bill assistance guide programs available for single mothers. If you are financially needy the best option is to first check out assistance from your utility companies that has multiple assistance programs. 

Single mothers can also get financial help, payment options, reduction in bills, discounted services, special plans, and installment payment options from their utility companies. Here are the types of utility bills assistance for single mothers:

Assistance Form Utility Companies

If you are unable to pay your utility bills then the best option for you that contact your utility providers. They have programs that help you pay for the utility bills.

Winter Protection Program: Some utility companies provide those programs in some places, the program is that if you are a single mother or senior living with your kids then they don’t cut your heating or essential services. Remember that it’s not a grant program that provides you cash. Also, this program is not available in every state, contact your utility providers for the program details.

Restructured Utility Payment Program: If you are facing a financial crisis and unable to pay your utility bills then you should call your utility companies. They may restructure your utility bills debt for a long time period. Basically, this is not a financial grant, this program helps you to reduce your utility debt.

Water Bills Assistance Program: The biggest water provider of America is America Water, which provides water bills assistance to low-income families who are unable to pay their water bills. They mainly have two programs. One is called the H2O program that offers one-time cash assistance of $500 to pay their water bills, and the others are low-income payment programs that reduce 20% of your total water bills. Contact America Water for the program details.

Utility Bill Assistance
Utility Bill Assistance

In House Utility Assistance Program: The utility companies offer utility assistance programs for their low-income customers. Immediate contact with your utility company to know the upcoming program details. They have several plans that help you to pay your utility bills.

Government Utility Assistance Programs For Single Mothers

The Federal Government has various utility and energy assistance programs for low-income single mothers, single fathers, families, seniors, and disabled people who do have not enough money to pay their utility bills.

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP): The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program is the largest government utility and energy assistance program in America. LIHEAP assistance is available all over the United States.

LIHEAP offers financial assistance to the qualify low-income families to pay their utility bills. LIHEAP also provides a Weatherization program that upgrades your electrical devices to reduce energy bills. Contact your local community action agency to get information about the LIHEAP assistance.

Heating Repair Replacement Program (HRRP): HRRP is basically a local government utility assistance program that offers helps to those who can’t pay their utility bills. Contact your local community action agency for the HRRP program details.

Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP): Home Energy Assistance Program is another government-funded utility assistance program that offers utility assistance to low-income people. Remember that HEAP does not provide the whole amount. They provide the amount that you will not be able to pay.

Utility Bills Assistance From Non-Profit Organizations

Many non-profit organizations offer utility bills assistance for single mothers and others with needs. The main goal of these programs is to help low-income single mothers and families with utility bills.

Utility Bill Assistance Guide for Single Mothers
Utility Bill Assistance Guide for Single Mothers

The Salvation Army: The most popular non-profit organization of the country is The Salvation Army. They operate various assistance programs for single mothers, low-income families, and others.

They offer several essential assistance like food, clothes, education, housing. Along with these programs they also offer single mothers utility bills that reduce the burden from any single mom. Contact your local salvation army center for the program details.

Operation Round-Up: The operation round-up program operates by many utility companies of the U.S that provides cash assistance to the qualified family to pay their utility bills. This program is may be available in all the states of America.

To apply you can call your utility companies and ask that if they have offered that program or not. You can also visit your nearest community action agency to verify that which companies offer that program in your area.

Union Plus Program: This program gives heating oil to the work union members of the northeast united states. They give subsidized heating oil to the union members and saved their hundred of hundred dollars.

State Assistance Program: Many states offer utility bills assistance programs. LIHEAP and HEAP are available in every state that you can apply for. But state government also offers many energy-saving programs, bills assistance programs, and offer vouchers to low-income individuals. There also many nonprofits are there in every state that offers energy savings and bills pay program.

Save Money on Your Heating Bills

Even though this winter is warmer than previous ones, it’s always good to find ways to save a little money on winter heating bills.

There are many ways to heat your home and we will cover ways to lower your heating bills.

1) Seal duct leaks, weatherstrip, and caulk in appropriate areas. Seal your air leaks. Walk around the house and do a good inspection to assess yourself. This can actually be a fun family project to steer kids away from video games for half an hour.

2) Look at your windows and see where drafts are coming in and where you can plug leaks.

3) Are there ways to conserve? I’m not one to wear a down vest inside to save a little money, but I will lower the temperature when I go out for several hours at a time.

4) If you have an old water heater, consider replacing it with a newer model that is more efficient.

5) Are there rooms in your house that let in the sun during the day? This can be a good way to warm up some of the rooms if you open the curtains or mini blinds.

6) Do you qualify for the Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP)? Find out if you may be eligible for that program. This can be a good saving.

7) Depending on your heat source, you can also save not by heating the rooms during the day, but by heating the living room and kitchen more if that is where your family members spends maximum of their time from 3-9 pm.

8) You can reduce gas water heating bills a bit by reducing standby heat loss.

9) How is the insulation of your attic? Remember that hot air rises, and if you have good insulation, it will keep the heat in rather than out the top of the house.

10) Have you had a tune-up of your oven lately? This can be an important way to save on your winter heating bills. Cleaning or replacing your oven filters can make a big difference.

11) Keep in mind that if there are ways you can interfere with the northwest winds, it can help with your heating bills too. See what rooms are on that side of your home.

12) Another way to conserve is to install normal flow shower heads, as well as reduce the amount of hot water used in general. If you work out in a gym, consider showering after your workout instead of when you get home. You are paying for your gym membership that includes this.


So in this article we discuss about all popular and best utility assistance program that can help you. We talk about types of utility bills assistance program, then we cover utility bills assistance from companies and utility bills assistance from non -profit organizations.

Lastly we also gives some tips about how you can save your utility and heating bills. So we think that this article surely add some value in your quarry. If any doubt then feel free to comment us. Read our other posts to apply for financial assistance and save your money.

Does Salvation Army Assist with Utilities?

When a household faces financial hardship, the Salvation Army provides financial assistance to help with payments, utilities, rent, or others needs. A few of the assistance contains free meals from a pantry, rental help, clothes, or funds for paying utility or heating payments.

What Organizations Help with Utility Bills?

National Energy Assistance Referral (NEAR) Project.
United Way 2-1-1 Information Line.
Healthcare Hospitality Network.

Does The Red Cross Help Pay Utility Bills?

American Red Cross – Some American Red Cross brunch help with utility bills. Operation Round-Up – This assistance program is offered by many utility and energy companies to the country. This organization helps with financial aid that helps to pay utility bills for low-income families and individuals.